Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Medan to Ipoh with love

This is not exactly about a love story or marriage between two lovers of different nationality, but it's more than that. We received an invitation by a close friend to dine in one of the popular restaurants in the Ipoh City centre.

Looking at the signboard and the decorative elements of the restaurant, one will easily identify that this is certainly not a restaurant serving local menus or delicacies.

Restoran Simpang Tiga may not be well known among Malaysian, residents but to some of the Indonesian origin or the Indonesian foods enthusiasts this name may quite familiar. Restaurant Simpang Tiga in Ipoh is actually joint venture business between the Ipoh and Medan Township.

The restaurant is very spacious and  consists of two sections which distinguished between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned areas. 

Foods are served in an attractive Indonesian style and most of the menus are hot and spicy which is main speciality of Indonesian Foods. We spent the whole evening in the restaurant enjoying the foods before heading back to Lumut in the same day.

Facts and figures:-
Restaurant is located in Greentown Square, Ipoh.
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